Remodeling Your Home

The final piece of your project is your stairs. Make sure that these compliment the look and feel of your dream renovation.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Instyle Stairs for Architects (1)

You’ve pulled your house apart and you are in the process of putting it all back together again.

You've had some challenges along the way, including some serious discussion about finishes. 

Now it's time to fill that space with the stairs that transport you from one level to the next. 

You want to work with a stair expert that can balance your ideas with their expertise in creating an everlasting masterpiece. 

Imagine if you could ...


Open the front door to your friends and reveal what you have worked so hard to create

Stand back with your partner, appreciate and admire what you have created together


A Whole New Level of Staircase Craftsmanship

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We help DIY renovators complete their projects with a staircase statement.

Follow the 3 Steps to Solve Your Staircase Challenges!

Step #1

Schedule your on-site service call to discuss your project

Step #2

We’ll provide solutions and options to nail your project

Step #3

We’ll build and install your designed staircase


We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Our installations meet the highest standards and we will work until you are totally satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet Grade Stairs / Hardwood Stairs / Steel Mono Stringers / Open Riser

We have the ability to produce stairs and install approximately 2-3 weeks after documents completed.

We have staircases and designs to suit most budgets.

Don’t get the final piece of your hard work wrong ⎼ for want of access to innovative staircase craftsmen